Key RGM KPIs are on Autopilot to be growth your business:

  • Promotions
  • Market Price Points (or Price Tiers)
  • Competitors deep of discount distributions
  • Mix management: We define mix levers per category
  • Innovations & Competitors product life cycle
  • Market entry price points comparison

Use Case: Market Price Points Tracking

Unlock new revenue potential by tracking market price points regularly

The analysis focuses on breakdown at different price levels with different promotion/rebate offers to manage your product positions.

This analysis allows you to closely monitor different price ranges and segments of the product groups that your competitors put on the market. On the other hand, you can reposition your products and put new products on the market at the price gaps which we found.

Benefits include increasing sales margin, decreasing markdowns and aiding inventory management

Category Avg. Price Tracking

Price distribution of the products in your store/ digital is an important metric in terms of revenue growth. Customers always tend to buy the product they find cheaper. Therefore, you need to adjust the price distribution very well according to the this demand tend and follow competitors tight. If your competitors offer a cheaper price point, your customers can choose them.

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